Ultimate Guide To Backend Web Development: Details and Required Skill Set

Web development is based on Frontend and Backend development, both are necessary for any functional website. The frontend is based on styling and interacts with users whereas the backend works behind the scenes and interact with databases.

There are several languages and tools are used by developers to create an effective webpage, the frontend is mostly developed using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript, etc. Frontend developers use different frameworks to create eye-catching user interfaces and Backend developers use different programming languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, C#, Java with backend frameworks to create an application that provides all the required functionality to the users and also deals with Databases.

In this article, you will learn how you can get into back end development, required skill set, and all the necessary details.

What is the Backend Development?

Frontend web development involves all that any user sees on his browser when he opens a particular URL. The front end is mostly known as a static environment with only HTML/CSS, when a user opens a website, a host server will respond to the user with those HTML and CSS files.

For Complete Article:https://www.temok.com/blog/backend-web-development/



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