Top Quantum Computing Stocks to Watch in 2023

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People are paying more attention to quantum computing stocks as the potential of this new technology becomes obvious. Even though there aren’t many pure quantum computing stocks yet, several tech giants are actively researching quantum computing and have exposure to this new area. As the field grows, investing in quantum computer stocks is becoming more and more appealing.

Quantum computers have the potential to exceed classical computers by providing exponentially faster and more efficient processing speeds, allowing them to solve difficult problems that are currently intractable. Moreover, Quantum computing could improve healthcare, banking, materials manufacturing, cryptography, and optimization. Quantum computing stocks may encompass a wide range of businesses that work on different parts of quantum computing, such as hardware makers, programmers, cloud service providers, and research institutions. It shows a lot of room for growth. Investors should look at companies like IBM, Google, and D-Wave, which are at the forefront of this game-changing technology.

Quantum computers are at the forefront of AI competition, able to solve problems at record speed that our most advanced supercomputers have been unable to tackle. Given that the industry is projected to expand by 33% between 2020 and 2030, we must acquire the ins and outs before missing this opportunity.

But which quantum computing stocks should you buy?

This guide will detail quantum computing stock choices, including specific stock picks, penny stock potential, and much more.

Best Quantum Computing Stocks to Buy

Before we get into the list of quantum computing stocks to consider investing in, let’s look at why they’re so significant. In a digital world with ever-increasing logistical needs in a complicated data jungle, quantum computing offers a chance to bypass or streamline data-sourcing challenges like never before.

As data continues to dominate more and more aspects of our lives, the possibility of powerful quantum computing addresses the mainstream limelight. Traditional computers can’t keep up, so enhanced quantum computing fuels the next big technological advances.

Quantum computing is a revolutionary technology with the potential to revolutionize data analysis as it is currently practiced.

Continue reading to discover which quantum computing stocks are worth considering.


It is a leading quantum computing stock making significant advancements in the industry. Nvidia, the industry leader in graphics chips, has capitalized on the AI boom by having its graphics cards become the de facto standard in global data centers. The training phase of machine learning requires much computing capacity, whereas the inference phase requires less. GPU processors, primarily used for rendering video games, support both phases effectively.

In fiscal year 2022, Nvidia’s data center business surpassed its gaming segment in revenue, constituting a consistently growing portion of its total revenue. Nvidia’s graphics cards accelerate a wide range of data center applications, so this segment is not solely about artificial intelligence. However, AI is one of the company’s primary growth drivers.

Its chips are useful for applications like large language models that need to do a lot of work, and the company just released a new set of inference platforms made for generative AI.

Self-driving automobiles are another area of interest. Nvidia develops platforms comprising both hardware and software that can enable driver assistance features and autonomous driving.

A self-driving car has to process a lot of data from multiple sensors and cameras in real-time, detect objects like humans and other vehicles, and make difficult choices. They need computing power, and Nvidia’s platform gives them precisely that. Nvidia’s graphics cards may be supplanted by more specialized AI-focused CPUs someday, but for now, the company is doing well.

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Microsoft, MSFT, has been one of the leading competitors in all aspects of the computing industry, including now…quantum computing.

Microsoft’s Azure Quantum has been appropriately termed the “world’s first full-stack, open cloud quantum computing ecosystem” due to the fact that it is the first quantum environment to be created.

As a place for developers, researchers, and customers to learn about and build solutions with cutting-edge technologies, Microsoft is bringing quantum computing to the mainstream as a public collaboration tool. The full-stack system from Microsoft is one of many things worth mentioning, though.

The company also uses topological qubits instead of traditional qubits, which makes it much easier to scale up quantum computers and keep them stable. Because Microsoft is so important, its stock is always one to watch regarding tech developments.

Microsoft is still the market leader in a very competitive market, so it makes sense that the company is making such a big splash in the world of quantum computers.

With scalability in mind, Microsoft’s Azure looks like a great stock chance for long-term investors waiting for a quantum monopoly.


This legacy technology corporation is a holistic hardware, software, and services provider to large enterprise clients. It routinely enters into multi-year technology agreements worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and its mainframe computer systems are still prevalent in specific industries.

IBM is a consistent competitor for modern cutting-edge technology and would only be able to experiment with quantum computing.

IBM did not simply join the competition; it was one of the earliest developers of quantum computing. The corporation has implemented the first quantum computer on-site in the United States.

This is the latest addition to the largest commercial quantum computer collection of over 20. IBM, like Microsoft, has ambitious scaling plans, anticipating its systems to reach an astonishing 1,000 qubits in the coming years.

IBM, a favorite among quantum computing enthusiasts, dominates the emerging landscape and the approach to quantum computing. The IBM Quantum Network is establishing partnerships with over 140 companies from diverse industries, referring to a futuristic vision of collaboration and collective growth.

As IBM attempts to make technologies more accessible, its stock price continues to reflect strong motivation and optimistic growth. You should notice this stock if you observe signs of a quantum increase. IBM shares currently cost approximately $140 per share.

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IonQ is neither a large enterprise nor a global group. It may seem like a small company that will be overtaken by IBM, Microsoft, or NVIDIA. However, following a merger with dMY Technology Group III, the modest quantum company will be the only publicly traded pure-play quantum computing company.

IonQ only has one quantum computer right now, but it hopes to use the money it got from the deal to build a second network of computers that can be accessed by cloud servers by 2023. This small business already has partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Google, owned by Alphabet, the parent company.

IonQ is also receiving money from Softbank Group to offer quantum computing to tech companies. But the numbers don’t match the company’s praise; it has yet to make much money.

Investors should know that this doesn’t show how IonQ stock will do in the long run. The company might become one of the most notable quantum computing stocks if it succeeds.


Baidu, a Chinese internet company, has recently looked into quantum computing. Like other tech giants, Baidu will make a big splash because of its size and fame.

Baidu has a group called the Baidu Quantum Computing Institute that works on quantum breakthroughs. World-famous quantum computing expert Runyao Duan is in charge of the group.

Since they plan to employ quantum technology in various areas, Baidu may be an entity to watch. Quantum Leaf, the company’s first project, has already been made so that it can be used to program and simulate quantum processes through a robust and long-lasting infrastructure. Baidu stock costs about $155 per share right now.


Alphabet subsidiary Google, which runs the third-largest public cloud computing infrastructure, developed Sycamore quantum computing processors. The IT behemoth is advancing its artificial intelligence (AI) software systems with quantum computing. In March 2022, it will spin off its quantum computing software section into an independent SandboxAQ startup.

Google is the best at searching the web, thus it wants better, faster, and more innovative computer use. The company collects a lot of digital data and helps businesses use it to make money.
AI and quantum computing could help Google improve the efficiency of extensive computer systems. This is vital to the company’s efforts to develop new ideas.

Should You Buy Quantum Computing Stocks?

Quantum computing is still in its early stages, but it is just starting to get people’s attention.
As quantum engineering becomes more economical and practicable, we can predict a significant increase in the quantum world.

Like AI, blockchain, and other new technologies, they can be excellent places to spend and lead to good things. But there is still a big gap between quantum physics in the lab and cutting-edge computing in the real world. This gap will take time and money to close.

IBM and Google are at the forefront of quantum computing patents, which have grown dramatically. Investing in technological giants is hazardous; due to unpredictable changes based on discoveries or negative news, companies in the public eye with high levels of liquidity frequently fall victim to sharp stock price fluctuations.

As technology and theory evolve, entrepreneurs will provide more investment options and quantum computing will become more polished.


From Microsoft’s Azure Quantum to Baidu’s advancements in AI technology, the quantum computing industry is expanding at an impressive rate. As companies continue to deal with quantum processors and year-to-date profits, the landscape of computing industries is more promising than ever.

If they choose the correct stock, investors seeking to capitalize on the evolution of traditional computers could see substantial returns over the next decade. Examining the market and its emerging trends is as important as ever, particularly in the context of emerging technology. Google, Microsoft, and IBM will always be at the forefront of innovation, and we can expect to see a great deal from them shortly.

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