Top Elementor Alternatives in 2022

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There is no doubt Elementor is the best page builder in the market. But, if you are looking for something more comprehensive, there are also many other Elementor alternatives available. Divi is the most reliable Elementor alternative. Divi’s interface has a lot of design flexibility, just like Elementor. It offers a lot of unique features such as find & replacements, copy & paste, different styles, and so on. Divi is particularly designed for those designers who want to add more style & effects to their websites. The best part of Divi is that it comes as a page builder and WordPress Theme both. If you want to replace Elementor, then the page builder is the one you should select. Its fast features allow you to create websites with no coding.

Beaver Builder is also one of the top competitors of Elementor alternatives. It may not have a lot of features such as Elementor, but it offers you all the core features that you will require to create unique websites. It has a very intuitive drag and drops builder editor that helps you create professional websites. The Beaver Builder plugin works as a page builder for specific content, but if you add the Beaver Themer extension, then you can get the same experience as Eleemntor pro. Beaver Builder is not just a page builder for WordPress, but it is a whole design framework. It is easy to use and helps you edit every part of your website. There are over 29 content modules in the Beaver Builder.

Thrive architecture is also a reliable Elementor alternative. Thrive Themes offers this page builder plugin with an inline editing feature same as Elementor. The interface of Thrive Architect is quite the same as Elementor. With Thrive Suite, you are not only getting Thrive Architect, but also you will get many other tools to help you manage your online business efficiently. If you want an outstanding alternative to Elementor, then Oxygen builder is the one. The only drawback with this WordPress website builder is that it is a full-blown website builder rather than a page builder. You can not design specific elements of your website. It is not the best choice if you want individual pieces of content.

In my opinion, Divi and Beaver Builder are the two best alternatives to Elementor because their functions are the same as Elementor. All in all, Elementor is always going to be the best WordPress page builder for me because it has all the robust features that I want to create some beautiful designs for websites.



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