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The E-Commerce and Cloud belong together and their relationship goes deeper with time. If you are an e-commerce business then cloud is a must-have for you to manage your online operations and processes more efficiently and smoothly. There are many kinds of e-commerce applications such as AWS, Magento, WooCommerce, etc. that can be hosted on the cloud. The SaaS e-commerce applications can also be hosted on the cloud platform. In recent years, e-commerce cloud migration is becoming a new trend for retailers, and it allows businesses to get benefits from the versatile features that cloud hosting is providing.

The e-commerce platforms prefer to use cloud hosting because they can now get high efficiency and the issues in the typical hosting servers are also eliminated here. The cloud hosting includes many advanced features and latest technology that would help e-commerce businesses to get rapid growth. Although, there is a lot of hype concerning the e-commerce cloud migration still people make some most common mistakes while the migration process. The cloud migrations to any e-commerce platform can be a bit time consuming and risky task, so here you may need the expert’s advice. There are many of the online companies offering migrations services that can help you in the migration.

In this article, there is a discussion about some of the most common mistakes made by people during e-commerce cloud migration.

Can You Really Do E-Commerce Cloud Migration?

Before going for e-commerce cloud migration, you must know which cloud platform you are using and what are the specifications of this platform. There are different cloud platforms in which you don’t have to bother about any technicalities of the migration such as fully managed cloud platforms. On the other side, there are cloud, in which you have to do the total e-commerce cloud migration yourself and, if you don’t know the technicalities you might need some technical expertise.

Many of the people during the e-commerce cloud migration make a very common mistake that is they go for the e-commerce cloud migration themselves, although they are not very familiar with the complexities and technicalities of the migration that they are going to make. Doing this can create a lot of risks for your business, so you better don’t make this mistake.

Do consult some expert while e-commerce cloud migration. There are hundreds of companies, that are offering e-commerce cloud migration services. I personally recommend going for the managed cloud platforms because they are more convenient to use as compared with the self-service cloud hosting and you don’t need to bother about the technical stuff.

You may have to pay some extra cost to the e-commerce cloud migration service providers but don’t forget the cost that you are saving from the high-efficiency cloud platforms.

Planning Is Everything in E-Commerce Cloud Migration

For e-commerce cloud migration, effective planning is essential. The major reason why most of the times your e-commerce cloud migration goes wrong is because of the wrong planning. The whole panning for the e-commerce cloud migration starts with the selection of the cloud. The cloud that you are using must support your e-commerce business purposes because the resources that the cloud offers have a huge impact on the e-commerce cloud migration. The first thing is to make a good decision when it comes to the selection of cloud for your e-commerce platform because if your cloud is not right then after e-commerce cloud migration the outcomes would not be as expected.

The retailers should be very careful when it comes to making a plan about e-commerce cloud migration. Some of the major things that are needed to be followed by the retailers before going for e-commerce cloud migration are as follow:

  • First of all, you need to make sure that you have access to the DNS records and verification credentials.
  • Before doing the actual e-commerce cloud migration, take a test to analyses the overall performance and ensure that there is no negative impact of migration on performance.
  • The resources should be analyzed and ensure that they are enough to better fulfil the goals of the retailing stores.

All of the steps that are mentioned above should be followed for the smooth and effective e-commerce cloud migration. The more careful you are at the planning of the e-commerce cloud migration; the more chances are here for you to have a good e-commerce cloud migration with 100% uptime.

So, it can be said that the planning is an important part of e-commerce cloud migration and there are the probabilities that if there is any problem in the e-commerce cloud migration, it can be spotted at the time of planning. You should never underestimate the planning stage if you want your e-commerce cloud migration done without any trouble.

Not All Clouds Are Meant for Your E-Commerce Store

Are you really know about the needs of your e-commerce stores? Are you sure, what kind of cloud you want for your retailing store? If you think all clouds are equal then think again, because there are chances for you to end up with the wrong cloud. It is very important for you to select the cloud that is better meets your business needs. Many of the people, just for the sake of following the trends go for e-commerce cloud migration, no matter if the cloud is fulfilling their business needs or not.

You should better not make this mistake, like others. First of all, you must know that not all clouds are equally good for your retailing e-commerce business. Your business needs are different and by knowing your business needs you can select the host that is perfect for your e-commerce business.

Generally speaking, what all the e-commerce stores need is the high performance, reliability and security and if your cloud platform is not providing you with these, then all of your efforts are in vain. Make sure you know about the technicalities and features of your cloud platform, so you can use it better for your e-commerce platform.

While doing e-commerce cloud migration, you must also have a look at the vendors. Because your customer’s experience is totally depending on them and you need to select only those vendors, who are actually trustful. So, to avoid the mistake of selecting the wrong cloud for your business, you must know your business needs and you need to research properly to select the cloud platform that is ideal for your business and fulfills your needs.

Sometimes Cloud Is Not Actually “Cloud”

The cloud is now becoming an extensively used term and the interesting part is not every cloud is the cloud as we know it. When it comes to e-commerce business, the cloud that we are talking about is the collection of connected computers networks through the internet.

The cloud term is now been used for marketing. This word is exploited by the market purposes, and you should be careful about the selection of cloud platforms that are actually an internet network of a computer with all the resources that you wanted to grow your retailing business.

Sometimes the cloud hosting service providers, for the marketing purposed used their cloud platform brand. I am not saying this kind of cloud is of no use but for the retailing platforms if might not beneficial. The e-commerce retailers need a cloud platform with full features that allow them to get benefit from the resources of the cloud for their businesses.

Many of the people usually make the biggest mistake while choosing cloud service for their business that is choosing the cloud that is not actually a cloud. So be conscious about your decisions and planning when it comes to e-commerce cloud migration.

Remember, not all of the claims that service providers are making in the advertisement are true. You must have some understanding of the technicalities of cloud, so without getting influence from the advertisement, you can make a better decision about the cloud selection.

Rather than just relying on the claims that service providers are making in the marketing of their cloud, you must make a good research about the cloud platform and then select it for your business. Doing this would also help you in successful and profitable e-commerce cloud migration.


Thee-commerce cloud migration is a risky task and you should be very careful about it. In this article, there is a discussion about some of the most common mistakes that people make while e-commerce cloud migration. I have also explained the ways you can avoid these mistakes and make your e-commerce cloud migration smooth. Keeping in mind the guidance that I have provided you to avoid the mistakes in e-commerce cloud migration and it would help you in the long run. If you still have any query in your mind related to e-commerce cloud migration, do ask in the comments.

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