How Can You Perform Social Media Audit?

This procedure will enable you to track all your social media accounts, be able to compile and evaluate the current state of each one, in one place. A social media audit will provide you with a comprehensive strategy for all your social media channels, including key information and the data you need to optimize your social media marketing. Create a list of all your social media accounts. Make a spreadsheet with your social media accounts, including those you have set up but never used in the past. Check that you only have one business profile for each platform. Make sure each account is complete.

Ensure you know all the passwords for your accounts and have access to the accounts and associated emails. Keep your passwords safe, and secure and set up a system for changing them regularly. Recognize your top-performing social media content. Decide which channels are right for you. Update your data. Have you completed all your about sections? Do your social accounts include a URL that leads back to your website? Also, check and review your profile and cover photos. Is your branding consistent across all platforms? Do background colors, logos, and other images follow your branding? Are all descriptions and URLs the same?

Have you declared your vanity URLs on Facebook or LinkedIn? A vanity URL is the user name that you assign to your social media profile, which specifically identifies you. Before creating your vanity URL, your social media profile has a default URL that includes a string of random numbers. With different tools, you can identify what social media platforms you are posting on and the kind of engagement that your posts get.

Social media is a great way to attract new followers and increase traffic to your site, but not if every Facebook post receives 400 likes and every tweet only gets one retrieval. You need to determine which social media platforms are generating the most views or traffic, then prioritize which ones deserve more of your time. Do social media audit with the passage of time to consider major adjustments in your strategy. Determine your ROI. Social media marketing ROI shows how much you get back from the money, time and efforts you spend on social media marketing. A social media audit is a process of reviewing your business’ metrics to assess growth, opportunities, and what can be done to boost your social presence or brand image.



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