PrestaShop vs Magento: Which CMS Should You Choose For An Online Shopping Store?

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If you are able to build an online shopping store and trying to choose a CMS to build your e-commerce website, you will try to find out the best choices in the market. I am going to discuss Prestashop vs Magento, both are leading platforms governing the e-commerce industry. Detailed discussion on these platforms will help you to make the right choice that is more suitable for your business.

PrestaShop and Magento, both are opensource platforms for e-commerce solutions. These are used to provide the facility to manage your online shopping store with ease. If you don’t have much technical knowledge about the management of an e-commerce store, you can use the PrestaShop that is simpler and best suitable for beginners. Those who have an in-depth understanding of they prefer to use the Magento that is complicated but provides the functionality out-of-the-box.

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