How To Fix WordPress Security Vulnerabilities

WordPress is the most popular content management system, with 12 million users. It’s the easiest site to hack. Weak passwords make a hacker’s job extremely easy. It’s much easier for hackers to use bots to try out thousands of password combinations in order to break into WordPress websites. Websites created through programs such as WordPress are vulnerable because they don’t continuously change passwords the way they should. Use complex passwords to avoid hacking. There is a large risk of hackers entering your website with malware, and it can be introduced by way of plugins that are not updated.

Web hackers target the pages on your site that are still ranking well in the search engine, trying to fill them with spam and pop-up ads. Due to old software, themes, extensions, and plugins, WordPress sites are left more vulnerable to harsh attacks than other websites. Your high-ranking pages give hackers a better chance of executing their malicious acts without detection.

Cross-site scripting also known as an XSS attack on websites is similar to the SQL injections, in that the hacker inserts code into the website instead of the website database. The difference is that the code targets the next visitor to your website. SQL injection is also one of the most common WordPress vulnerabilities. SQL injections are harmful because hackers can cause direct access to databases. They use forms on your website to insert SQL queries, which allow them to manipulate or read from the database. SQL is the programming language used to make changes to the database, like adding, deleting, modifying, or retrieving data. This is why SQL injection attacks are so dangerous.

Anonymous browsing websites do not encrypt information being sent between the browser and the server. What this means is that personal or payment information can be sniffed while it is being transmitted over the internet. WordPress is open to exploits not only because of its software vulnerabilities but also due to the release of updates. Not only can WordPress produce vulnerabilities with each update, but it can also be exploited between updates. Phishing is when companies, brands, and users are deceived into revealing confidential personal data by hackers who present it to other companies and brands. Through websites such as WordPress, phishing can happen in a couple of ways. Keeping your WordPress website free of common security vulnerabilities and risks lets you enjoy maximum uptime, which is good for your business.

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