Ecommerce Security Threats & Solutions

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E-commerce has become one of the largest industries in the world. The evolution of technology and the internet led to the opening of unlimited ways to engage with consumers all over the world. Risk depends upon the business, larger the business, greater the risk will be. And this is the case for e-commerce as well. As a brand or an organization, it is your responsibility to protect all the customers and yourselves from threats and issues. This is why security concerns over the internet and privacy have gone up in the last few years. Information about the brand and the customer is out there, making them unprotected to security issues.

Ecommerce sites will always be a target for cyberattacks. We have discussed here top eCommerce security threats. Ever since the first online businesses entered the world of the internet, financial fraudsters have been giving businesses a headache. There are different kinds of financial frauds common in the e-commerce industry. Phishing is a cybercrime and its aim is to steal user’s credentials information — login and passwords. This is achieved through mass email campaigns run on behalf of popular brands, as well as personal messages inside of the different services like social networks. Emails are identified for being a powerful medium for increasing sales, but they are also one of the most often utilized platform for spamming. Nonetheless, leaving infected URLs in comments on your blog or contact forms is an open invitation for internet spammers to demolish you. They often send them through your social media inbox and wait for you to click on them. Furthermore, spamming not only compromises the security of your website, but also slows down the website.

Bots are automated software applications programmed to do unique tasks. Web crawlers are the most known type of bots, are those that define websites’ rankings by systematically browsing all the exiting pages on the internet. There are also some common eCommerce security solutions that make your life easier. Anti-malware is software that detects and removes computer viruses, as well as other undesirable or harmful programs. Anti-malware also transformed files that have already been harmed by viruses and stop further file or software modification that can be done by malicious code. Use strong and complex passwords. Change your passwords regularly. Another good practice is restricting user access and defining user roles. Let everyone perform only what they have to on the admin panel. Making the panel inform you if a foreign IP tries to access it is an extra step for your security.



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