8 Ways to Make Data Centers and Server Rooms Eco Friendly

A data room commonly known as a server room is a critical part of an organization. They form part of the day-to-day running of companies from gigantic internet firms to banks. In recent times, finding information from all corners of the world at a tap of a button and swipe on a screen is becoming a necessity.

Practically, a server room is a compartment/room/zone that stores a surfeit of costly and sophisticated IT equipment. In a server room, you will find network accessories like routers and servers among other gadgets. Today, data centers are becoming more and more ubiquitous in the current technological trends. These centers range from microscale single-server rooms operated by SMEs to giant server farms used by multinational businesses like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, et al.

To facilitate cloud computing. But the thing is, a few numbers if not many of organizational management don’t invest much effort into efficiency on their layout. Consequently, they end up consuming thousands or tens of thousands of kilowatts. Also, they risk overheating their data centers due to inadequate ventilation. Remember that in the future, the supply of electricity from fossil fuels is set to expire as the globe is prepared for a wild eco-savvy revolution.

Another notable problem that rears it uglier is the distribution of power, or maybe absolute lack of electricity. These sound like a popular set of challenges affecting the data industry. Studies show that data centers across the globe consume billions of electricity watts annually which is equivalent to hundreds if not thousands of fossil fuel power generating plants.

Out of these megawatts, approximately 10 percent of the energy is consumed for performing computations whereas the remaining 90% is consumed to keep these devices idling should an increased activity occur. Today, as the world is going green, a couple of methods/ways have been devised to create energy-efficient and eco-friendly enhancement without adversely affecting these data centers.

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