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Back there in 1980s Tears for Fears had a hit song with the title “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” a couple of decades later there might be a more appropriate title that everybody wants part-time business at home. Over the past decade with sufficient advancements in devices, top-speed internet, and transitions within work norms have clearly made it possible for millions of people to run the business at home around the globe.

Even there was a study which concluded that more than half of American employees work from home. This trend is not just limited to the USA as around 79% of workers do work at home globally. Many questions must be spinning through your minds for example “how to do online business from home?”

I know it’s more of a dream to be your own boss but it is possible so, do you need any advice on for starting up a home-based business?

If yes, then check out this amazing article because, with proper guidance and knowledge, you will definitely be a part of the booming home-based economy. Below listed are some of the best home-based business ideas that you can start with.

1. Web Design & Development

We all know that it takes years to acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills with web design and development. But if you possess the relevant skillset then it can turn to be the best business from home that you can do. As the market is there that can use some exclusive and useful websites for various corporates. Initially, web design startup requires some good investment specially for the software. Well, the key to outstand this startup is to define a target, set objectives, and offer services that no one else does.

Along with exceptional services remember that you also have to compete against the software packages you will be offering to the prospective clients. So, better offer unique selling propositions in order to attain maximum profitability.

2. Google Paid Ads Specialist

You might have heard about paid internet marketing and if you are capable of doing it then consider to sign a freelance contract with organizations who are willing to pay for running their marketing and promotional activities via Google Ad Campaigns, you will bring more prospective clients as your consulting and advisory business prospers. Before launching your side business just make sure to brush up all the industry jargon and business slang because the consequences can be entirely different if you launch unprepared.

3. Affiliate Marketing

If you have your own website and want to drive in target traffic, in order to make passive income through the content you are already generating as an easy side business idea is by means of solid affiliate marketing. There are various affiliate tools and networks which can probably assist you in making money from your created content, thus this terms to be one of the best home business idea. Check out how you can use some inspiration to start your blog and use it for making money with the help of affiliate marketing.

4. Trading Domain Name

Domain name trading has been in a huge business lately, as many of the slam-dunk names have sold off there are many other that you certainly can get for relatively fewer prices. Thus, you can make this buying and selling domains as a side business idea. Sharing my views as a professional, this seems to be a good choice to make for starting a part-time business.

5. Application Development

Application development is in business from past few years and it seems like there is an app for everything. But we as soon as the day passes new things keep popping out. So, if you identify a good niche that hasn’t filled up to its mark yet then get yourself in motion. In the process, you can even learn a lot of coding skills. However, it’s not a necessity to learn to code for developing an application you can even do it without coding skills whatsoever. But jumping right into it, you should validate your idea. Even if doesn’t go as a best seller you will learn a lot more in the process.

6. Reseller Hosting Business

The idea of having your own web hosting business at home faces a lot of contradiction as many people believe that it is not possible to handle it remotely while other may earn a lot just by reselling hosting plans of top firms, providing hosting services.

In order to get started with reseller hosting business, there are two things you should focus on. At first, market and promote your startup in order to attract prospective clients. Secondly, you have to be very careful in choosing the right kind of reseller hosting plan which the client may operate easily without any know-how. There are various platforms from where you can buy reseller hosting plans and get yourself started with a reseller hosting business.

7. Online E-Commerce Store

I don’t think there is someone on this planet who doesn’t like to shop and finding what you desire just one click away seems to be the most exciting part without even putting any physical effort. We live in an era of technology where people tend to ease their lives as much as they can and an online store is the best thing that could have happened.

So, considering to start your own online store as a side business can actually change the picture entirely. An e-Commerce system also provides proper analytics for your client. Which product interests them the most or not at all. This is how you can use it for your benefit and attain desired results. If this goes well there are chances for you to take your e-commerce international.

8. Consulting Services

If you have attained valuable certifications within your industry over the course of years, then think to put these valued skills to use within your free time. All that you have to do is offer your consulting and advisory services to the new business owners as this is potentially the most lucrative part-time business idea.

It doesn’t matter either you are business strategist, an expert marketer, or manufacturing aficionado, there is always a local business owner looking for a professional for assistance in resolution of issues with their company swiftly. Personally, I think you can get started with today if you are into starting a home-based business.

9. Social Media Specialist

Social media tends to be the most trending platforms these days which can act as both curse and blessing for the field specialists. As everyone uses social media and whenever an organization launches product it needs to make sure of its presence on social media to target huge market.

Though, there is no shortage of social media experts-or you can say people who think they are professionals, anyway.

The questions arising in your mind must be “how you can make a living as a social media expert?”

Well, the answer is quite simple it is a practice that makes you distinctive among others. Secondly, build an engaging audience for yourself before offering your services to someone else. Determine your targeted sector, make sure of your online presence within that community, and start interacting with the social-media elite. For starter, twitter is a great platform from where you can endorse yourself.

Continue cranking influencing content and putting in-front of right users. You might end up attaining amazing projects.

10. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is basically is a worker who manages any sort of small tasks for an individual business remotely. These tasks mainly include data entry, answering emails, preparing schedules, overseeing blogs, and shopping as per client’s specifications and requirements. The best part is anyone can work as a virtual assistant. You do not have to meet people physically who have hired you but you will deliver your services remotely over the internet and Skype.

11. Online Coaching

If you are very passionate about your skills, then you can obviously transform that engaging combination into providing services. As starting one-on-one online coaching can turn to be a solid side business idea.

Before starting up just make sure of executing an opportunity management system so you don’t end up collaborating with customers who can’t assist.

12. SEO/SEM Consultant

Do you possess some good skillset within online marketing, SEO, and other tricks of the trade to boost blog and website traffic?

If yes, then you must consider using your expertise in starting online consulting service for webmasters as a part-time home-based business. All you have to do is be patient and do what you are good at.

13. Drop-shipping Services

Drop-shipping services are quite like affiliate marketing but your website user can stay there. As you are still vending products without any inventory necessities as well as you monitor the whole buying process. It is a bit complex process to execute but returns are considerably much greater than affiliate.

14. Landing Page Specialist

Skills of knowing your way with words, conducting keyword research, and developing amazing and creative landing pages which follow SEO strategies, hold a lot of importance at the time. So, if you know how to do it then it is time for you to shine and make some extra money by charging other companies for your services. Think it of as a home-based business idea.

You can earn a lot because a short length landing page is worth hundreds of dollars and if you possess some distinctive skills and are a master at what you do then for sure you can earn much more.

15. Turn Your Blog into a Business

Researchers have revealed in a recent study that thousands of bloggers are generating quality and profitable content on a diverse range of topics according to their choice and insight. It can also be a viable source of income for you. If you feel confident about your skills then you should surely give it a try. With some assistance through affiliate marketing, email subscribers, blog sponsorships, and many other revenue streams bloggers can grow into six to seven-figure business. But this can only be done by understanding your audience and what sort of content they crave.

16. Influencer Marketing

Yes, it’s true that 28% of the sellers reported that influencer marketing is turning to be the fastest-growing customer acquisition technique.

But does it work as a small home-based business idea?

The whole concept of influencer marketing is based on the fact that the clients trust other consumers way more than the relevant brand itself. Well for me, it makes sense because the user can expose his authentic and tested reviews.

For influencer marketing, you need to develop trust among your audience in order to make qualified leads. Be honest to your audience as much as you can because this is the only key to do good as an influencer marketer.

17. Data Analysis

As far as the business grows organizations need professionals to help them deal with data analysis. So, if you know your numbers and comprise of relevant experience and credentials then get started by working with various freelancing platforms. You can earn a lot more than your previous or current job with help of your analytical powers.

18. Online News Correspondent

Let’s start with the good news that you don’t have to be a journalism degree holder if you want to deliver services as a reporter. Probably you can pursue it as part-time work idea. Moreover, there is a huge number of websites which require assistance in getting some of the local coverage.

19. Take Online Surveys

Yeah! I know filling online surveys doesn’t seem to be mentally stimulating. This is the main reason it is not on the top of my list but surely it can help you out in your downtime.

You can have a bunch of benefits by filling online surveys as you receive various gift cards and vouchers and other deals.

20. Grant Writing

If researching companies to offer services related to journalism, a side business within grant writing could be the one for you. Nowadays, numerous grant writers even work as freelancers on various platforms.

Surprisingly, resources needed for this part-time business are quite limited such as your writing skills, an internet connection, and computer. The most enjoyable part is that you can work from anywhere you like- most likely from your own home.

Guess what is the biggest perk of grant writing is?

Your work holds the power of changing lives and make the world a better place as your words can be the door to your thoughts and emotions.

21. Personal Shopper

A personal shopper is a professional designated to do the shopping for super busy clients. Perusing it as a side business idea can be a lot of fun and money at the same time. In order to deliver services as a personal shopper, you have to interview your clients so that you have an idea of their likes and dislikes. Shopping for someone can range from running errands to buying clothes.

22. Tax Preparation

I clearly understand that tax preparation cannot be the most glorious home-based business idea you may be looking up to. But it is very much important for someone to ensure all numbers add up annually. Every organization local or multinational need professionals, comprising expertise within this domain in order to prepare precise tax returns.

23. Write an E-Book

The best part of advancement in technology is that it has made writing and publishing a book a lot easier through electronic publishing. All of that inconvenience for finding and requesting an agent to take your draft to the publisher. Just do it yourself, whenever and wherever you want!

Being eBooks this much popular around the globe and available at such low prices. it hasn’t been this much easier to be author, publisher, and tracking the number of downloads. This is actually how my favourite author Collene Hoover became one of the New York Times bestselling author.

24. Build Extension for Chrome

There are around thousands customized extensions available on google chrome both for free and paid. If you identify a good niche and develop an extension accordingly then there is many chances for you to earn a lot more then you could have earned by a designated job. So, it is one of the most viable ideas of starting a business at home with no investment.

25. Recruiter/ Headhunter

If being sales-oriented is one of your strongest attributes then this can be an outstanding way for you to make money. There are many reputed organizations which offer a commission if you refer someone, and that person gets recruited. This is where your LinkedIn profile comes into the picture. With how many people you are connected?

Stop wasting time and boost your LinkedIn profile. You can earn a lot just by one email. You can also build your own recruitment firm with nothing than a good attitude and phone as there is some serious amount of money in it.

26. Fundraiser

You can even get paid for assisting companies in raising finance from venture capital fund or business angel. There is a huge market for fundraising and the contacts/connections you would build will be worth a lot. As you can benefit from these connections in future.

27. Freelancing

Freelancing provides lots of flexibility and freedom which you can never have in a regular desk job. Since it is completely up to you what type of work you want to do, what time of day will you work at, with who you want to collaborate, the volume of work you want to complete by the day, or in how much time you will complete your tasks which means you are completely in control.

As a freelancer, you are not limited to a decided salary. What you earn is completely on you or the number of projects you complete. So, thinking to peruse it as a part-time business? If yes, then believe me you are on the right path.

28. User Testing & Reviews

Whenever an enterprise launch’s new service poor product it requires to shed a huge amount of time to eliminate all the errors and bugs. Thus, these organizations have to spend a large amount of capital on testing. So, introduce yourself as a freelance tester on various freelance platforms or make your own website. There is also the possibility to develop an entire company out of this side business idea.

29. Personal Computer Training

It sounds strange that a lot of people still don’t know how to use Microsoft office specially when it comes to PowerPoint and Excel. Well if you think that you know your basics to this software then you can easily commit yourself to teach other people their way through by organizing your computer training program. At first, you have to define a precise curriculum along with a marketing strategy for your startup. Well it is totally up to you either the students come to you or you go to them.

But this opportunity occurs to get what you probably thought of as equally basic knowledge and transform it into lucrative training operation.

30. Research & Fact-Checking

Currently, Google has made searching so much easier but no matter how cool it may get, not everything can be searched by google. Plus, organizations don’t have much time to conduct daily research in order to authenticate various case files, analyze reports, and old research papers. Thus, media companies need to hire a bunch of fact-checkers to authenticate the content and to ensure the sources which are being quoted are correct. Moreover, other organizations need people to validate statics, reports, and analytics. There are sufficient opportunities online in order to start researching and fact-checking business at home. Most importantly be ready to get some really mysterious and distinctive topics that will lead you far away beyond Wikipedia.

31. Podcasting

I am going to be upfront with you as earning money by means of podcasting is not an easy task. The reason is that there is plenty of competition online, and if you think by selling some of the ads and earning sufficient income to live off of, then you are completely mistaken. But not to get worried as there are a lot more options to drive profit by means of podcasting which go far beyond just a simple sponsorship.

Podcasting does not mean to rank a huge number of audiences; it is more of engaging your listeners. In my perspective, having a concise group of valued listeners is way much better than having a passive audience. Excel in your counter areas, improve your skills, and always persuade your listeners to take part in your podcast through the website or social media.

32. Content writing

This is maybe the most economical business to initiate in term of overhead. Believe me, if you are sitting on your computer and reading this blog then you got all the resources required to be a content writer along with some good writing skill.

Do not ever get satisfied and relaxed once done attaining a project-keep looking for a new one. Start attending writing writer meet-ups and workshops to brush-up your skills as there is always a room to learn something new.

33. Technical Support

If you consider yourself as a tech-savvy professional and comprise comprehensive knowledge of ins and outs of internet security, think to become a consultant for a local business

Not like multinational organizations these companies are unable to afford such big security budgets, but they still have an urge to protect the security of their online customers.

34. Data Entry

If you are capable of touch-typing with the speed of light along with an exceptional eye for detail then you can put it good use. Organizations generate gigantic amounts of data, and all of it requires to be compiled, organized and stored. Establishing data entry business costs nothing so you can say it is an amazing home business idea, but usually, it is very less paid so you have to acquire a lot of projects to make a profit.

35. Graphic Designing

The number of organizations and websites rapidly growing are in a huge need of graphic designers which is the good news. However, there is a bit problem that for graphic designing you need a certain level of expertise and some pricey software. For those designers who have both skill and software, giving a start to graphic designing business can offer a great deal of opportunity.

36. Online Subcontracting

Once you are done with establishing your services at a number of freelance platforms consider spending some of your time subcontracting your work to other freelancers with an estimated markup. This can turn out to be very much advantageous for you as a side business idea.

37. eBay Seller

I know it’s hard to believe that eBay is just two decades old, but is still the best platform for getting a home-based business online. This enterprise is not for lazy individuals as eBay sellers have to respond fast, politely, and promptly ship items. You should have a keen focus on making the user experience better by all means. As a seller, you need to know what you are selling and to whom you are selling as the competition on eBay is quite fierce.

38. Freelance Editing & Proofreading

There are many job postings from organizations and people in need of proofreading and editing services on various platforms, this also makes this gig as in high-demand part-time business.

You can find lots of job postings from companies and individuals in need of writing, proofreading, and editing services on various platforms, which makes this a high-demand side business idea.

39. Online Courses

Earning money by teaching skills that you are master at, is a trend these days. There is a huge audience online that is willing to pay you for teaching and making them an expert in the relevant field. You can start various courses online with proper certifications to earn accordingly. If everything goes smoothly this business can grow much faster then you can ever imagine.

40. Instagram Marketing

Have built a good following on Instagram? If so, then you are more likely to be approached by various gear companies and brands who promote as well as sell their products on Instagram. This is the side business idea that gets to you itself. Luckily, if you have good selling skills along with thousand of following than surely you can earn around $500 to $5,000 per post or even more.

41. Commission-only Sales

Good with connecting with people?

If so, then a freelance sales role based on the commission would be the most appropriate business idea for you. Mainly, new startups look for professionals like this that means you can avail this as a home base business idea. Develop your skills as an inside sale rep and practice on cold calling. You should be very good at interpersonal communication if really want to peruse this business idea.

42. Local Business Consultant

That MBA degree of yours can be your ticket to glory. There are numerous businesses and startups which can clearly use your expertise to grow. As a good business development consultant, you can work from home by starting your own consulting agency.

43. YouTube Channels & Vlogs

YouTube channels and vlogs can be the best endorsement small businesses and startups can ever get. As a video log gives a human face to your company and it drives consumer trust. All it ever takes is to get yourself value subscribers by posting eye-catching content. As much as your video goes viral the greater the amount gets that you will earn from YouTube. So, stop thinking and start working on getting your business idea on this amazing platform.

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